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Canadian FAIT Foundation Presents

2nd Annual
Festivus for FAIT 

Science World
November 28, 2024
1455 Quebec St, Vancouver, BC V6A 3Z7
The 2nd Annual Festivus for FAIT will feature local food vendors, a live (and silent) auction, entertainment, family stories, and more!


This is our second year raising funds for the FAIT program, whose mission is to develop and deliver cutting-edge food allergy treatment to all families in BC who desire it. To learn more about the FAIT Program, visit

Our Inaugural Festivus for FAIT was a huge success, with proceeds from ticket sales, sponsorships, and the silent auction exceeding $60,000. With these funds, the FAIT program purchased an ImageXplorer machine to analyze over 300 individual food allergens with one blood sample. This machine will be used for FAIT research projects this year. Click here for event highlights.

For the 2nd Annual Festivus for FAIT, the Canadian FAIT Foundation will be raising funds to support the Adolescent Transition FAIT Program, a new research program to understand the challenges faced by adolescents with food allergy as they transition to adult care, and to identify and implement solutions to bridge the gap. Your generosity will help accelerate progress towards improved treatments and quality of life for adolescents living with food allergies. Make a donation today.

Our Host

Michael Coleman

Actor/Writer/Educator, Michael Coleman, is best known for memorable characters like Happy on ABC's Once Upon a Time, Jack Baycon (i.e. "Wood Pig) on Supernatural, Bert Camp on Smallville, Agent Pujols on Stargate: SG-1 and Atlantis. Michael's film roles include his award winning performance as Dr. John H. Watson in The Doctor's Case (adaptation on the Sherlock Holmes story written by Stephen King), and he can be seen this Winter as Adam Pi in 37-Teen. In the world of animation and video games, Michael has provided voices for the video games Far Cry 3 and Mobile Suit Gundam, and in animation he has voiced characters on Dragonball Z, Hello Kitty, Hellsing, Hamtaro, X-Men: Evolution, Megaman: NT Warrior, Zoids: Fuzors, and Inuyasha. Michael's award winning writing, performing, and direction on stage include working on Much Ado About Nothing, A MidSummer's Night Dream, 12 Angry Men, The Diviners, A Christmas Carol, and West Side Story. Michael is the International Youth Spokesperson for Guillan-Barré Syndrome and volunteers much of his time to other charitable organizations. Michael's oldest daughter has been a participant in recent OIT sessions and the results have been amazing and life changing for the entire family.

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Crystal Campbell Auctioneer pic.png

Live auctioneer

Crystal Campbell

Crystal Campbell is a seasoned auctioneer from Vancouver, with nearly two decades of diverse experience. Pioneering the Special Appeal concept in Canadian charity auctions, she's one of the nation's few professional female auctioneers. 


Her expertise spans various auction categories, including fine art, estate, and jewelry. After completing her Auctioneer Apprenticeship and advancing to Principal Auctioneer in fine art auctions, Crystal's dedication to professional growth led her to complete the Florida State Auctioneer License program, and earn certification as a diamontologist.


Noteworthy contributions include serving as Secretary for the Auctioneer's Association of BC, Gala Coordinator and Secretary to Board of Directors for Face the World Foundation, and launching Jewelry Auctions at Sea for Princess Cruises and Celebrity Cruises. 


Crystal's career underscores her passion for philanthropy, auctioneering, and an unwavering love to raise funds for the charities she represents.

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